Hey guys, so this is where we will have fun have weddings!

People Love Weddings! :DEdit

Weddings weddings weddings! They're amazing, they're
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magical, and people love them! Every girl dreams of finding her one true love, and every guy dreams of finding that one perfect girl to spend the rest of his life with! So ya see? People love weddings! :D

We Will Make It Happen!Edit

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So we would be more than happy to make to people the happiest people on this wiki! :D That's what this page is for! So when two people want to get married we will make it happen right here on the weddings page! A lot of users love weddings with different themes so whoever will get married can choose a theme they like. The wedding can be any sort of wedding you want it to be. It can be formal, it can be fun and entertaining, it could be wild and exploded with different colors. So we hope to have a wedding soon with any couple on the wiki! :)
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