aka Esther

  • I live in Rossians Land
  • I was born on March 23
  • My occupation is LISTENING TO MUSIC DUH!
  • I am A girl... no wait I AM A PURPLE NINJA ALIEN!
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Hey guys okay well my name is Esther you could call me by my name or just @Bombom, i am  areally simple girl. I like making people laugh a lot, i love music especially R5. My favorite color would be pretty much the rainbow jk i love all the colorful and bright colors :), i am really random and well just weird. I always smile and hate when people get sad so i tickel you onto you laugh or smile if your depressed. I like football and soccer :). I might be little shy at first but after you get to know you wont be able to shut me up.... I speak english and spanish (espanol) and a little tiny bit of French yeah HI! :)

PS: I am totally in love with Ross Lynch and Javier Chicharito Hernandez :) and i am obssessed with Paris)

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