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Well the title pretty much says everything this page is for our Idol ( well mine) Ross Lynch :).  If you want to be up to day to what Ross is up to well here is the place to come :). Pictures, Videos, Girlfriends anything :)

Social AccountsEdit

Twitter: @rossR5
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Facebook- Unknown :)

Instrigram- @rossR5

Twitter sectionEdit

This place would be where i update he tweets not all of them though just some (trust me he updates eve
ry second) :)

"I Have Crazy Expectations For Tonight Becase Of The Last Show We Played In Boston! I Hope They Are Fulfilled"

"I Love Canada"

"Its Star Wars Day #MayThe4thBeWithYou"

"We Just Threw Water Ballons At Our Crew And Openers From A Rooftop!"

" #thingsthatlastlongerthanAustinandAllyrelationship  Thats kool. i had no idea that was for Austin and ally"

" We Just Added 20 Tickets To Tonight's Show In London,Ontario! Who Is Coming?"

" Only 9 Days Left Of The #LOUDtour"

"Whoever Keeps Trying To Hack My Stuff Needs To Stop. Your Never Gonna Guess My Password. =P"

"  Does @rossR5 Even Know #rosslynchspassword Trended Worldwide? Nope. But I Do Now!"

" I Love Movies!"

"Day Off"

"I Have Probably Broken About 100 Strings This Tour."

"Music Just Makes Life Better"

You tooo!! :)Edit

All of you can edit this page :) as long as is appropiate :D Love ya :)


  • Won favorite/best actor
  • Won favorite/best music video

R5 "Crazy 4 U" York Fair-0

R5 "Crazy 4 U" York Fair-0

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