Girls vs Boys War PrankEdit

This idea was by MusicMel :). Basically we are gonna have a war of pranks Girls vs Boys there is two teams Team Mel (Girls team) & and Team Sam (Boys team) . The war is gonna be on the Whatever You Want Wiki :) Pranks rule! :D


Team Sam:Edit

Add your name :):

  • Sam (I'MSammyAndIKnowIt) PRANKED!
  • Noah (NoahR5er)
  • Ben (Ben Is Bored)
  • Charlie (CharlieB14) PRANKED!
  • Scooby(A Wikia Contributer)
  • Auslly12
  • Krissy (Xoxokrystal) PRANKED!
  • Izzy ( Izzy is your buddy)
  • Cookies (I Stole Your Cookies)
  • Olivia ( AusllyShallLive)
  • Madi (Madi60517)

Team Mel:Edit

Add your name:

  • Mel (MusicMel:D)
  • Scream (SCREAM4AUSLLY)
  • Esther (Bombom6206)
  • Sophie (SophieTheR5er)
  • Ally (Allypuppi88)
  • Hearts (Hearts_Kitten!)
  • Swiftie (Taylor Swifts Number One Fan)
  • Michelle(DuckDuckChicken)
  • Veronica (Veronicalovesauslly4life)
  • Caroline (Caroline:)Freak)
  • Sarah (SarahBearlovesR5)
  • Auslly (Ausllyaddictforeva)
  • Marley (Mrs.NiallHoran13)
  • Tegan (Tegan xD)


  • Pranks can't hurt anyones feelings :)
  • The word LEAVING is not allowed (Ex. I AM LEAVING THIS WIKI FOR GOOD) ect
  • Remember this is just a game dont take everything to seriously, and be nice

Bet!!! :3Edit

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  • Team Mels bet: Sam, Charlie, and Ben will be dressed up by Sophie in dresses. jewlrey, and makeup, while Noah will be dressed up by Hearts and Renee. The girls will also post pictures of the boys on the Whatever You Want Wiki. :D The rest of the guys would have to do this by their self or agree to another bet :)
  • Team Sams bet: They have to get Mel's team completely soaked and then they can't change for 12 hours.

Where? When?Edit

  • Where: Whatever You Want Wiki
  • When:  The Prank war would be a whole week!
  • May 25th- June 1st
  • 24/7

Note :)Edit

Okay so as you see some of you were move from teams :) thats becuase  we needed both teams to be equal :) both teams are still taking members :D please make sure and talk to the captains if any questions! :D

Another Note: The prank war has ended early due to no one doing pranks. For the winner, look below.

The WinnerEdit

And the winner of the prank war is........... Team Mel!

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